Welcome to the cherished meeting place. 2018!
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    Malmö from the. For both Nordic Choice Hotels and us the aim has been to persuade the hotels guests to stay in the building and create meeting places which

    Malmö residents will also want to visit to eat and socialise. Expect taste explosions and the same goes for surprises, in a motley combination of Mezcal, refreshing Aqua Fresca and cocktails, all in a lively environment with a focus on art and music. The restaurant located is on the 1st and 2nd floors. With plenty of flights in and out of Bergen every day, you could even catch a later flight! The restaurant and bar Eatery Social Taquería is on the ground floor in the new Clarion Hotel Congress Malmö Live. So, take a break and indulge your senses. This is the ultimate meeting place for Malmö residents and global travellesr, as well as those eager to sample kalmar some Manhattan and Malmö food culture. Treat yourself to a coffee break during your afternoon meeting before it's all changes again and we turn up the music, you lose your business attire and sip on a world-class G T and some snacks with friends or colleagues. The company stands for forward- looking and living architecture with buildings and milieus that people want to visit and in which they want to live and work. We are thrilled that you would like to come and dine with us! This time with clear influences from Mexico, USA and Malmö. At Kitchen Table the focus has been on capturing the food concepts relaxed variety and emphasising the magnificent view. Later on, stop in for a light lunch, such as a filling salad or a sandwich. Marcus Samuelsson, one of the most successful chefs in the world, is responsible for the delicious flavours in the restaurant and has developed two restaurant concepts. It's ideal for any occasion - an intimate Sunday date or a way of seeing the weekend off in style! The social experience is enhanced in the various spatial limits which are playful, casual and work in different ways throughout the day, such as a breakfast buffet which by evening has been transformed into a vibrant orangery. The Living Room Bar/Café, just like your own living room, our changes its look throughout the day.

    Kitchen and table malmö live

    Food kost 612 år betalar 10 sekår, the interior design is inspired by the food and has a diverse charm. Old Fashioned and New York Sour. Or to celebrate the weekend with a fullon party 13 år och över 250 SEK. If youapos, the arts district Malmö Live was inaugurated on 4 June. S best coastlines, and the result is a surprisingly appetizing alliance. Cocktails, k T presents a cocktail menu with american Classic cocktails such as the Manhattan.

    Youll find them on all our restaurants perfect for all occasions. The vegetable is the star of the plate and we serve your choice of well selected protein on the side. The fabulous views of the runway are not stora nakna kvinnor the only star attraction here at the new restaurant here at Bergen Airport. In this section we present locally produced green table plates with high seasonal spahelg småland focus. Those are cocktails with seasonal focus from the local area and the best from its surroundings.